About Us

About us


dsc 1270

dsc 1270

In 2013, I had the privilege of opening my own Japanese confectionery boutique in Zenkou-ji temple in Nagano.




I make sweets that make people smile.


Please enjoy my sweets.


This is what makes me smile.


Commitment to Ingredients


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dsc 0976

Our bean paste is made of Hanamame (flower bean) grown for us by a farmer in Nagano.


Our wheat is 100% Sunyou made in Nagano.


I’m committed to making sweets using only safe and locally grown ingredients, as a loyal member of the Zenkou-ji community.


Warm regards,

Osamu Fujita




Store Location

400-2 Higashinomon-machi, Nagano

(Near Zenkou-ji temple)





Dayoff Monday


Contact Details

Phone: +81 26 219 2293

Email: fujita.kuemon@gmail.com



  • Hanagoyomi at Nankai South Tower Hotel (Osaka)
  • Tetsuya’s Restaurant (Sydney)
  • Kozue at Park Hyatt Tokyo (Shinjuku, Tokyo)
  • Mutsukari (Ginza, Tokyo)
  • Fujitakuemon Souten (Karuizawa, Nagano)



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